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Perfect Match was a classic Australian dating game show that was a cross between formats of The Dating Game and Love Connection from the U. The asking contestant first asked three questions to all three contestants; the contestant declared to have the best answer from each of those questions earned one point.

In early episodes, the three contestants originally scored points depending on the contestant deciding who gave the best answer from those questions.

The basic object of the game was for a contestant to select a blind date from three other contestants of the opposite sex, based on answers to questions posed to those three contestants.

The first version of Perfect Match aired on Network Ten from 1984 to 1989, while the 2002 revival aired on the Seven Network.

If the date chosen was the "perfect match", the couple then won an additional prize (e.g. Two Perfect Match board games were released during the show's original run.

The first edition was released by The I Q Company in 1985 featuring Greg Evans, Debbie Newsome and Dexter the Robot on the cover.

The host then asked a series of Yes/No questions; if any of the three contestants matched the asking contestant's answer, each match scored an additional two points.

"Spanish Flea" is a popular song written by Julius Wechter in the 1960s with lyrics by Cissy Wechter. 24 and gaining a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental.

The aim of this version was to collect four compatible Dexter Cards (one from each selection (i.e.