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When the Tribal Stage is complete your creatures move on to build a city.

Gameplay still acts as a RTS, however also adds in the need to maintain your own city, such as Sim City.

While there is no hard ending that acts as an end to gameplay, the final space section culminates in a one-off meeting at the galactic core where you are rewarded with the terraforming staff of life item.

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The player begins the game in the form of a microscopic organism that arrives on a planet via exogenesis or panspermia, deposited in the primordial oceans by a meteorite impact.The Creature Editor (along with the other editors) will function the same way as the Microbe Editor, however will allow you to create a sentient, land fairing creature using arms, legs, eyes, mouths, etc.You will then need to carry out tasks such as eating, communicating, and eventually mating.After a cinematic opening of a meteorite crashing into a planet, the player begins his creature's journey as a microscopic cell, or microbe.

During this stage, using the control of the mouse, you must survive by eating smaller microbes and avoiding larger ones, similar to gameplay in Pac-Man or fl Ow.After visiting the editor multiple times and meeting the requirements for brain level, mating with another creature of your species will allow you to advance to the Tribal Stage.