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08-Sep-2017 22:48

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I was recently violated by a guy who I thought was a really great guy, but then he started pressuring me and now I hate him for it. If you’re a guy and you read this, can you please take this seriously and please respect the girl that you like and please don’t violate her!

It can really make a big difference in anyone’s life.

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I didn’t give in, but I ended up breaking up with him the next day. She knows that if your boyfriend is really “a keeper,” he will understand and respect your decision.It’s important to define for yourself why this important to you.Are you aware of the power sex has to arouse deep emotions?Sometimes, when a guy says to a girl, “I love you,” he is really saying, “I don’t love you, I love me and what sexual favors you do for me.” Love never demands someone to do something that would violate another.

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Love does not trash someone else’s deeply held values. When a guy really loves a girl, he will do everything he can to protect her.If the pressure for sex does not let up, get rid of him or her.