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GALS (Global Animal Lovers Society) is a 100% volunteer-run society comprised of dedicated, passionate and compassionate animal lovers that all share the same goal and beliefs.We are a network of foster homes that believe the answer to curbing the pet over-population problem, their relinquishment to shelters, and the subsequent euthanizing of these animals are all preventable problems with a simple solution…SPAY and NEUTER!The Columbia Valley, located in the East Kootenay region of BC, with its breathtaking mountain scenery, has been for decades, a magnet for destination weddings & celebrations of every sort.Are you looking for a unique way to say, “I do” or to celebrate your engagement?Every day shelters are turning needy animals away-thus resulting in more animals being born as they have been left intact to breed, animals being abandoned, and even animals being neglected as they are no longer wanted.That is why we do what we do; we speak for those that cannot speak for themselves and have become a part of the solution to the global pet overpopulation issue!

The numbers of animals finding themselves in shelters is staggering and there is only so much room in these buildings.

GLOBALLY, GALS is active with promoting and volunteering at Spay and Neuter clinics, shelters and sanctuaries around the world; predominantly on the First Nations in Western Canada, and in Mexico.

We volunteer our time at these clinics and collect supplies to help ensure these clinics can continue.

Mary’s River or make your vows beside a lake at sunset with the mountain peaks in the distance.

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For a small church wedding, the tiny Stolen Church in Windermere, with its rich history, could be the perfect romantic venue for you.We also implement TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) of feral cat colonies which is a very time and financial consuming task, but is the only way to get these wild populations under control.