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— he fell sick of typhoid fever, and lay under a tree for six weeks, without so much as a tent, and so was pushed out of employment, and came to San Francisco, then, as now, the usual resort of invalid miners.

At San Francisco he managed to get money enough to engage and pay for a steerage passage on a schooner bound for Oregon.

This was 1850, and in July of that year David Colton emerged from the Sierras and entered the town of Sacramento. Like most of the young men of that day, he hud for a time most chequered and varying luck. Ten dollars a day was sufficiently tempting to hold him for a fortnight or so.

This he received for work on Feather River, but luckily, or unluckily — for who can tell what is best for us ?

Advertising Rates:— a page; a half page; a qr. Five years after, in 1836, the family broke loose from its moorings, and drifted to the westward, floating slowly along the tide of emigration, and grounding at last at Galesburg, in Illinois. Black Hawk had just been driven west of the Mississippi iu a short and decisive campaign, in which Win- field Scott was a General, and Abraham Lincoln a private soldier. But the country was rough and new, and the normal condition ot the inhabitants that of wretched poverty in all things save that of mere food. How poor were the people of the Northwest from 18137 to 1850, no one but an eye witness can conceive.

This is all we know of his origin, and iudecd is all that is worth knowing of any man's origin.

To export, it was worth five cents the bushel, and all the bushels any farmer could raise would fetch but a small quantity of goods from Manchester. Schools were not plenty, nor regular, but such as were to be found he went to.

The strong men who braved the perils of a wild life, of savage Indians, and, if possible, of still more savage companionship with white men in the early days of California, are rapidly passing away. But the biography of our pioneers is the history of our State.

Trm idea of perpetuating the history of the active men of our new and peculiar society, of seizing upon and fixing in ink the marked individual- ity that is being developed around us from day today, and photographing from nature the character of men worth knowing, before the grim tyrant pushes them without the focus of our moral lens, is one in which the proprietor of the Mail liar/ takes to himself no little pride. It has been said that history cannot be written under a century, while biography must be composed from day to day.

Colton reached Portland in September, 1850, in improved health, and resumed the straggle for existence.

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During the Winter his occupation might have been classified as various.

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